Security is a Multi-Layered System


Next Generation Security - Addressing the Human Element

Information cannot be protected by any single solution. Every security professional knows that it involves a variety of measures, making it complex, cumbersome and today's solutions are still no match fot the threats they are designed to defend against. It is essential that every vulnerable point in your network be secured if it is to be protected from cyber threats. The people responsible for protecting your information must be viewed as a part of the system, a link in the chain that ensures the system's security.

A wide variety of security products are available today, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, antivirus solutions and the list goes on. Each is designed to perform very specific functions, and using one or another will help protect a system. None of them address what is at the heart of all security vulerabilites, people. Because people are involved in the development and implementation of software - and people make mistakes - even adhering to best practices in policy, procedures and signature-based detection cannot guarantee your system will be 100% secure.

To proactively manage risk you must constantly assess and reassess all the threats and vulnerabilities of your system. That means addressing the human as well as the technological components of your system whenever making a decision about security.

Today, only ISC8 offers the next generation of tools that addresses the human component of information security by making network attacks plainly visible in real time so you can react to the threat as quickly as possible; preventing further attack and damage.

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