The Next Generation of Cybersecurity

The consequences of missing an important security event - whether malicious or accidental - can be nothing short of catastrophic. To help our clients manage this risk, ISC8 is leveraging years of experience and millions spent on government research and development to bring a new breed of product to market.

This next generation of cyber security delivers scalable high performance security architecture in a single system, something unavailable in the marketplace today. It's an approach to security that empowers you with the ability to proactively mitigate risk by making even the most sophisticated and targeted network attacks plainly visible in real time.  This enables you to react to the threat as quickly as possible, preventing further attack and damage.

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ISC8® Cyber adAPTtm

The ISC8 Cyber adAPT system identifies data exfiltration or modification due to sophisticated attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats, APTs.

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ISC8® Cyber NetFalcontm :

The ISC8 Cyber NetFalcon system provides unmatched coverage and long-term tracking of user applications, networks and devices to strengthen cybersecurity operations for enterprises, network operators and government agencies.

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Whitepaper: Advanced Malware Detection through Attack Life Cycle Analysis

With the onslaught of modern cyber-attacks on high profile and high value targets, it is becoming apparent that the state of information security is critically lacking in this new environment.

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