Kirsten Bay, President and CEO

Kirsten BayKirsten Bay, President and CEO

President and Chief Executive Officer.  Kirsten Bay is a recognized leader in business transformation initiatives for growth and turnaround companies. With a cross-functional background that spans multiple industries, Kirsten leverages 20 years of experience in policy, finance, and information management to drive strategic business process improvements towards creating more effective, scalable, and innovative organizations. 

Kirsten recently served as president and CEO for Attensity Group, an established enterprise software and services company specializing in customer experience management and corporate intelligence. Prior to Attensity, Kirsten developed econometric policy models for information protection and national security programs, which led to larger adoption of information security policies that were deployed across the DoD and DHS. Kirsten then served as Vice President of Commercial Business at iSIGHT Partners where she developed new product offerings for enterprise cyber intelligence programs designed to be integrated into the corporate risk management, financial forecasting, and business decision functions.

 Kirsten came to data economics and analytics from the financial services sector, where she managed $750 million in wealth management trust banking portfolios.  She holds a BA in English and German from the University of Oregon.