Cyber adAPT -- Advanced Threat Detection

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ISC8 is dedicated to providing leading edge cybersecurity solutions that aid in the detection, investigation and protection of global and corporate enterprises, telecom operators, mobile operators and government agencies against the world’s most sophisticated threats.

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ISC8® Cyber adAPT™:

The ISC8 Cyber adAPT system identifies data exfiltration or modification due to sophisticated attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats, APTs. The Cyber adAPT solution learns the network topology and leverages knowledge of advanced malware’s actions to identify hosts that have been compromised. Unlike other tools that only work on a single event or signature, Cyber adAPT analyzes and correlates network activities over weeks or months to identify the most sophisticated attacks. ISC8® is the first "Big Data" Cybersecurity company to offer signature-less, network based advanced malware detection at speeds of 10Gb and higher. Cyber adAPT implements a sensor-based, near real-time forensics technology that identifies next-generation APTs ahead of perimeter solutions before devastating damage or critical data theft can occur. Even your automated trading transactions can be protected using this tool. The automated trading bots carry out the trade 24/7 without requiring any manual intervention. Visit to learn more.

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ISC8® Comprehensive Cyber Platform:

With the acquisition of key Bivio technologies, the ISC8 Cyber platform will evolve into a comprehensive system where malicious activity can be identified and once identified, provide a rich set of forensic and analytic tools to quickly ascertain the long-term historical activities of bad actors. These activities will be traceable over many months to analyse and learn the full impact on the network within a single system view.