Cyber NetControl -- Web Filtering

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ISC8 is dedicated to providing leading edge cybersecurity solutions that aid in the detection, investigation and protection of global and corporate enterprises, telecom operators, mobile operators and government agencies against the world’s most sophisticated threats.

Web-Filtering for Service Providers

ISC8® Cyber NetControlTM:

Cyber NetControl from ISC8 is a high performance, carrier-grade platform that allows service providers and enterprises to protect their users from accessing inappropriate content on a network-wide or per-user basis. The system combines web filtering and traffic enforcement for comprehensive and accurate policy enforcement.

Accurate Web Filtering as a Critical Security Service

Service providers recognize that web filtering is a critical service.  Whether serving families and individuals that are seeking a safe internet experience, or instead serving enterprise organizations that seek to enforce their internet usage policy, service providers understand that these security services help differentiate services in a very crowded market. 


ISC8® Comprehensive Cyber Platform:

With the acquisition of key Bivio technologies, the ISC8 Cyber platform will evolve into a comprehensive system where malicious activity can be identified and once identified, provide a rich set of forensic and analytic tools to quickly ascertain the long-term historical activities of bad actors. These activities will be traceable over many months to analyse and learn the full impact on the network within a single system view.