Government Programs

Securing the Nation

Sustaining the confidentiality and integrity of the nation’ critical networks, while sharing and preserving vital agency specific information presents numerous challenges for federal information security teams. As a trusted, long-term government research partner, ISC8 works side by side with our clients offering expert, objective advice to help solve their most important and complex problems.


With the onslaught of modern cyber-attacks on high profile and high value targets, it is becoming apparent that the state of information security is critically lagging in this new cyber attack environment. The cybersecurity tools for countering threats and mitigating risk have been ineffective. As this advanced malware continues to evolve, new mechanisms must be designed to detect and identify systems that have been infected.

Previously, ISC8 developed the Eagle Cybersecurity and Intrusion Prevention System for the DOD's advanced research arm, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). This research has further led to the development of advanced cybersecurity solutions for all large networks by ISC8’s newly formed Cybersecurity Division.

As hackers continue to develop sophisticated new viruses, malware and persistent, targeted attacks, network providers must find new solutions to keep pace with the perpetual technology arms race. Traditional solutions rely on static signatures while new attack threats are constantly in process. It is clear that today this method is no longer adequate to provide protection of valuable  intellectual property and critical government and corporate data. To overcome the shortcomings of current signature-based solutions, ISC8 has developed a suite of cybersecurity products.

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