Secure Communications Products

Highest memory density form factor, fastest interface with security features

Vault-mm family of products comes in a variety of form factors, supporting "Secure Erase Assurance Operating System" (SEAOS) and Anti-Tamper protection; products developed by U.S. Department of Defense research and are 100% manufactured in the USA. ISC8 is a product partner of the LSI SandForce-Driven Program.


  • USB 3.0 Memory Sticks: 512GB, 1TB, 2TB
  • Mini-PCIe Card: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB
  • PCIe Card: 1TB, 4TB Commercial and Enterprise Grade (Available Q4, 2012)
  • SAILS Module: Tamper Detection, CPI/Key Protection, Processor/Memory Zeroization









Anti-Tamper Technology

Agility, Density, and Security

Critical Systems Data Protection with Vault Anti-Tamper

Safeguarding data from loss or theft is no longer an option. ISC8 protects your data everywhere it goes with the patented anti-tamper technology used to secure our nation's most critical assets and financial transactions from Wall Street to Main Street.


Self-Defending Security

ISC8 is the leader in designing and developing advanced architectures that protect our war fighters. ISC8 has integrated its innovative 3D stacking technology into anti-tamper designs for U.S. military systems; providing protection of key data stored in processors and memory from unauthorized tampering and malicious events.


Vault Anti-TamperTM Capabilities

  • Supports detection of various Tamper-types
  • Remediation Options if tampering is detected:
    • Processor Zeroization
    • Memory Zeroization


Vault Anti-TamperTM Products

Products are available in the following form factors:

  • Vault Mobile - USB Memory Drive
  • Mezzanine Board
  • PCI-Card
  • Component


ISC8 also develops resilient versions to meet the military standard for the most rugged environment parameters (MIL-STD-810F). All ISC8 Vault products are developed and manufactured in the United States.


Vault Mobile Anti-TamperTM

High Density Solid State USB Memory Drive

To protect critical data from credential stealing malware and targeted attacks used by criminals, terrorists, and rogue nations, governments and businesses worldwide recognize that hardware-based data protection is the very minimum they must have for mobile data security.

To facilitate simple and secure physical data transit for even the largest files, ISC8 has integrated terabytes of solid state memory into a small form factor with the ability to securely erase contents instantly enabling more personnel to collect, transport and triage data in a secure manner from any location.

Vault Mobile's rugged metal casing protects it against physical damage. Internal components are sealed in a ruggedized one-piece aluminium case with a hard-wired active self-destruct mechanism that destroys the encryption keys and zeroizes all data.



  • Capacity: 512GB, 1TB, 2TB
  • Physically hardened and tamper-resistent
  • Performs Anti-Tamper (AT) detection and zeroizes all processor and memory content
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States
  • Hardware-level Defense
  • Rugged metal casing


Vault Anti-Tamper Mezzanine Board

Printed Circuit Board

ISC8's Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is capable of detecting a tamper threat. It's been designed to protect Critical Program Information (CPI) stored in processors and memory on the PCB. ISC8's design also supports technology transition and integration into various military systems that are sold under the U.S. Department of Defense's Foreign Military Sales (MFS) program.


  • Anti-Tamper (AT) interface board
  • Performs Anti-Tamper (AT) detection and zeroizes all processor and memory content
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States
  • Supports high-speed processors and multiple memory types, such as Flash, SRAM, and DDR2
  • Ruggedization Level - 1

Vault Mini-PCIe SSD Expansion Card with Secure Erase


ISC8's Mini-PCIE Solid State Card with Secure Erase addresses the needs for enhanced data protection and destruction. This is accomplished by utilizing dual hardware based encryption engines -- one using AES-256 and one using AES-128 -- to scramble all drive data to support instant virtual erase by key destruction. An overall encryption level of AES-256 is achieved with this architecture. The secure SSD also provides full support for verifiable military erase algorithms. Read and write speeds up to 250MB/sec can be achieved. The MSSD form factor is suited for laptop computer installations.


  • Capacity: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB
  • Performs Anti-Tamper (AT) Detection and zeroizes all processor and memory content
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States
  • Built-in Secure Erase Assurance OS (SEAOS), providing feedback of secure erase progress and pattern verification
  • Supports a variety of DoD, U.S. Military, and NSA secure erase algorithms