Company Overview

A visionary in the world of look-alike security companies, ISC8 stands out. ISC8, Inc. has evolved from Irvine Sensors Corporation, founded in 1974. Our singular focus now is to deliver the most comprehensive cybersecurity solutions available, solutions that give you visibility into everything happening on your mission-critical networks, and the ability to mitigate your risk to new threats as they emerge.

Having performed more than 30 years of customer-funded research and developed technology used primarily by the U.S. government for key national security initiatives, ISC8 is bringing a new breed of security products to market. These products are designed to solve the toughest challenges government, defense, and business face including the human or 8th layer, a problem that until now has gone virtually unaddressed.


Security: The Broader Context

Mobility, cloud and virtual environments are no longer a novelty but an integral part of IT infrastructure. While rapid technological evolution facilitates scalability and operational cost savings, it greatly increases the scope of cyber threats. It not only threatens our national security but also the devices you use to access the data you need to support your daily economic activities - leaving you more vulnerable than ever.

Enhanced security efforts that are able to meet the challenge and protect you from rising threats to crucial infrastructure are critical. You must have advanced sensors that can determine threats before they are launched and alert you in real time when they are. The earlier you are aware of a security risk, the more proactive you can be in responding to it.

Because of all that's at stake, and the need to remain ahead of ever-changing and ever-increasing threats to security; ISC8 has developed anti-tamper technology and sensors that extend beyond protecting information and traditional cyber security. Our sensors extend to focal plane arrays, readout integrated circuits, and 3-D stacked electronics. These sensors, when combined with advanced cognitive processing techniques, deliver solutions to the broadest range of possible emerging threats - including the human element.